Draft from my story “Fall from Bliss”


One day, the Sons and Daughters of Brilliant Light sat on the Mountain of Bliss on the beautiful planet of GoldenSphere in the higher realms. They lived in the times of eternity where they traveled anywhere in the universe at the speed of thought, even though GoldenSphere was their home base. The sun shone hundreds of time brighter than on most planets, so that you couldn’t even see a blue sky. Young friends often gathered together on the verdant hills of the Mountain of Bliss to share wonderful ideas with each other through communion of their spirits.

On this particular endless day, as the friends sat together in the sparkling, refreshing air, some particularly intriguing ideas began to form in their minds. They thought to themselves, “We have been experiencing so much bliss here on GoldenSphere that we can’t remember where the bliss began or even imagine it ever ending. And the bliss has become so big that we can hardly grasp the feeling of it anymore.”

In fact, Michiko put it this way: “It’s at the point where we can’t feel anything anymore or grow anymore.” His voice had almost a hint of whining in it. An attitude unheard of for eons on GoldenSphere, a very mature planet in it’s solar system indeed. “I mean, are we really still here, or are we dreaming? I’m beginning to feel not so alive anymore.”

This was a crisis! So they called an instant emergency meeting at the Hall of Golden Light. The friends floated inside, continuing their amicable banter as they found their seats at the long table. Their gowns and robes, each reflecting shimmering, radiant colors, brightened the room.

“Meeting called to order!” Aaliyah’s sweet voice rang out as she tapped the table. Aaliyah was the “ascender.” “Who would like to speak first?”

Saadat quickly raised his hand. Well you know my name means “happiness and bliss” right? Well I must admit, I’ve forgotten what those words even mean.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Shaktiana agreed. For even though her name meant Divine woman, she had almost forgotten what it felt like to feel “Divine”.

Sabira, meaning “the patient one”, shared with everyone that she had also had enough of patiently waiting for a sense of greater bliss to encompass her.

The meeting proceeded on like this for some time (even though it was just a little blip of time in Eternity of course). In fact, their concentrated thoughts could have almost begun to create a less than blissful bubble of space in the hall, if continued.

Then Aaliyah’s hand suddenly shot up. “I’ve got a brilliant idea!” she practically shouted. Her voice reverberated within every one’s mind. “Maybe this idea could even help us to ascend higher in the end, and experience more bliss! You know that planet called Earth in the Solar System just next to ours?” she posed.

“Yeah, I learned about that planet in Solar Systems 101,” said Michiko excitedly. Michiko’s name meant, “child of beautiful wisdom” and he was never shy about sharing his great knowledge. “It’s surrounded by dark clouds that cause forgetfulness and scary thoughts. It hasn’t been populated for a very long time, even though it is habitable. The atmosphere shuts out most of the Light of the universe even though anyone living there for long periods of time would begin to think the darkness was normal.” Michiko’s idea of “darkness” of course was relative. It was measured against the light of GoldenSphere which was hundreds of times brighter that most suns.

“Well what if we went on a new adventure together there? Aaliyah continued. “We could go there and forget ourselves for a while. Then when we come back out, we would begin to taste bliss and light again like it’s new, and remember the meaning of it. Life would be so delicious again!”

“There’s only a few problems with that idea O great ascender Aaliyah,”. Michiko interjected in light hearted jesting. “Wouldn’t we lose awareness of our immortal spirits down there in the darkness…after all it’s pretty cut off from the Light? And what would we do if we couldn’t remember ourselves before we “died”.” Even the wise one wasn’t too sure what would happen if they stayed on the planet for an extended amount of time.

It was Pacho’s (meaning “free”) turn to speak now. “What if we somehow created within ourselves the ability to procreate while on the planet? (You see, there on GoldenSphere there was no need to procreate because everyone is immortal there.) You know many of the people on the lower realm planets do that you know. Then we could continue to explore the planet as a group for several generations.”

Everyone agreed that the new adventure would be a great idea. And thus began the saga of humankind on planet earth, and their descent into darkness..