The Perfect Love of God Keeps Me Safe Today

This is the beginning of my “Truth Declaration for the Day” series.

“The Perfect Love of God Keeps Me Safe Today.”

perfect love nature picIn 2016, we live in crazy exciting, and crazy terrifying times (depending on our perspective).  There are earthquakes happening, erratic and dangerous storms, alien signals from space, the threat of WWIII, an incoming Nibiru Planetary System that might throw ours for a big loop.  What’s a person to do?!

Here’s how we will begin to be centered in peace during these times. God–the Source of all creation–is perfect. Therefore the Love pouring forth from God is perfect, good, and life sustaining. We will live by the truth, not by what we see with the physical body’s eyes, because what we experience through the body’s system is created by a belief system based on fear and separation from God. It’s a “deceptive matrix.” As we become filled with a Love system based on Divine Love, we can experience the miracles of a more loving world.

Continue to firmly insist and declare the truth of God’s perfect Love, and the Spirit of God will affirm it along with you. If you have been filled with the Holy Spirit, you will feel the affirmation of agreement deep within as you insist on this truth and speak it out loud.

A “High” that comes without Opiates

OpiumToday I, along with many others, mourn the sad news of the premature passing away of Prince, one of America’s great pop icons.  At this time, his autopsy is still underway to determine the cause of death.

However, when I think of the stars, I am often reminded of how many seek alleviation from the stress of high power careers through opium and drugs, often resulting in overdose and death.  This is not to imply that this was the cause of Prince’s death, because as I stated, the cause is still being determined.

I want to talk about a way to feel elation, joy, and calm without drugs.  We live in a greater energy field that can hold everything within it’s harmonic field.  This energy or Spirit extends itself from the mind of the Creator, and when we surrender to it, and our energy becomes unified and flows with it, we experience peace and calm.  How can we do this you may ask.  Here’s how.  Jesus Christ is the way.  You believe, surrender, and ask to be filled by the Holy Spirit. Find out more about God’s Son.  Through him, and learning to rest in the presence of God, you will achieve a sort of “high” that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world!