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“Darkness Falls, Light Cometh”: A Short Story about the Strange Events transpiring on Earth Right Now…


Marva sat on the couch and gazed out of the balcony windows of the small apartment located just South of Downtown Los Angeles. She observed the now familiar pattern of dark billowing clouds that seemed to come in from the East with the sunrise, blocking out the light rays.  “I wonder why it’s so dark these days at sunrise?” she quipped. “Even by noon, when you can’t see any clouds in the sky, the sunlight seems too dim.” 

For the last few days, Marva had noticed  the haze and greyish colored clouds that coated the skies and atmosphere in LA, especially at sunrise. A grey, whitish haze could be seen in the air  close to the ground as she looked towards downtown. In the skies, the clouds created a canvas of strange patterns and configurations, some in long streaked lines across the skies, as if windswept. The light reaching the earth from the sun seemed dim, almost like early dawn or dusk, even though it was 11 A.M.  It was Fall of 2019, and the entire world was experiencing unusual, extreme and unprecedented weather and atmospheric changes. 

Lightbringer, Marva’s mother, answered from the kitchen where she stood a few paces away. “What’s happening in the skies is probably correlated somehow with the increasing solar winds being reported this week, which by the way, are not even being recorded today on the website. Maybe someone deactivated the site so viewers won’t notice anything unusual happening. And all of it may be connected to Nibiru and Planet X coming closer to earth, gravitationally affecting the earth, the sun, and other bodies in space. You know I talk about this a lot.  Something’s approaching and acting on earth–from space, from another dimension. It’s hard to observe it with our current senses, tools and level of perception, and the powers that be don’t want us to know what’s coming.”

Marva, 17, still couldn’t quite accept the familiar, yet strange and unconventional thinking coming from her own mother.  “What do you mean, ‘the powers that be don’t want us to know,’ and what is Nibiru? You are such a conspiracy theorist!”

“The powers that be are the elites, the Illuminati, the New World Order and the other-dimensional entities who control our planet.  By ‘other-dimensional entities,’ I mean the entities described in the Bible as the angels or Hosts of Heaven that left their given locations in heaven to tamper with earth and the Children of God. Jesus also talks about Satan and his cohorts as spiritual beings, who are the deceivers and enemies of mankind. Satan’s seed is mentioned in the Bible, referring to those people on the earth who are under his spirit to fulfill the plan of deflecting and hindering the Kingdom of God. So I believe there are those in positions of power here who want to block the truth.”

Lightbringer continued.  “And as for Nibiru…it’s is often spoken of in connection with Planet X.  Planet X is hypothesized to be a far off massive red or brown Dwarf Star System, the main star being of infrared light, and only viewable through a special infrared telescope. Some physicist believe this Planet X is affecting the tilt of the earth and other planets in our solar system. The star is supposedly orbited by several bodies, including Nibiru which is described as a reddish iron planet, also known in some circles as “The Dragon”.  Rumor has it that Nibiru will bring darkness as it swings by the earth. That’s why when you mentioned how darkened the skies seem lately, I thought about Nibiru. What if this body/system has to do with the Kingdom of God coming in? It could be causing earthquakes and other disturbances and signs.”

“That’s all mythical mom!  You have no proof that Planet X is even real and I don’t see anything in the skies!”

“Well, you’re right.  I really can’t prove the existence of Planet X. It might only be a myth, but I do know something strange and unprecedented is happening in our atmosphere! And I see and sense a darkness entering the earth.  And one more thing! I just heard about an event. I can’t resist talking about it because I can see so much significance in how it could relate to end times prophecy.” Lightbringer could barely contain her excitement.

Marva fidgeted.  She’d been lectured to long enough. It took all of her effort to remain focused on what she deemed to be irrelevant, far-fetched theories from her mother. “Okay. What is it?”  

“Guess what’s happening Right now in France?!  It’s interesting that it’s occuring at the same time as these significant changes in the climate and atmosphere and earth because these are all end times signs from Bible prophecy: President Emmanuel Macron of France is hosting a major international event called the Paris Peace Forum. The goal of this organization is to bring “peace and security” by consolidating the worlds systems, leaders, and major institutions under global, one-world governance. The emblem for the organization says it all!  It’s a hand with fingers forming the “666” sign as an olive branch of peace is offered from the fingertips! It sounds suspiciously similar to the Antichrist 666 Beast One-World Government System and Religion that controls the world during the time of Great Tribulation according to Revelations 13.” 

That’s enough mom!  

Yes my daughter, that’s enough of the negative news for now!  The story ends well though, for those born of the true Light of Christ.  King Jesus returns to usher in the Kingdom of God with the Saints, bringing glory and Light to dispel the darkness.  Prepare yourself now by receiving Him and making your “garments as white as snow” like it says in Revelations 7:14.

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