reconnect to bliss

One Moment Away, One Degree of Separation Apart…

happiness, reconnectIt’s hard to explain what happens when you suddenly have an out of this world encounter that reconnects you to God and changes your life. I assure you, it can be only a moment away, and one degree of separation from where you are.  It’s not about struggling to reach it through some long, tough spiritual regimen.  Nor is it about traveling beyond the far reaches of the solar system.  It’s about opening your heart and life and believing, and inviting in the Messiah Yahushua aka Jesus Christ.  In one shocking moment, a supernatural encounter with Jesus opened the door within me between earth and Spirit dimension and I was filled with an “electrical” energy.  I pray that you will have the encounter that reconnects you to bliss too if you haven’t already.  Its the first step back into infinity.

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